Best after a long day at the office, Grandpa Larry OG brings a cerebral high that’s unlike any other. You’ll notice that your thoughts will start to turn fairly deep and introspective, and while you’ll appreciate this heightened awareness, you’re able to stay present in the moment and avoid getting too spacey. As warm body tingles take you over, you’ll sink into sheer relaxation and happiness that’s euphoric in nature. Users won’t quite reach the point of being couch locked, but everything will seem to move a little slower when you’ve got Grandpa Larry OG by your side.

Once you’ve tried this strain, it will be hard to keep it off your mind. All day at work you’ll just be looking at the clock, waiting to go home and get lit with Grandpa Larry OG. Enjoy a few snacks, pop on a movie, and prepare to answer the deeper questions in life while experiencing extreme relaxation and joy.

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