AAAA+ PINEAPPLE SORBET – 14G FlowerCan by: BubbaKings


Pineapple Sorbet cannabis strain by Aficionado French Connection is a beautiful hybrid strain. This hybrid has won 5 prizes in 2016’s emerald Cup thanks to its phenomenal flower quality. Buds smell and taste like Diesel, overripe pineapples, paint solvent, and fresh lavender spritzed with guava juice. Occasionally, phenotypes reach a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio. Pineapple Sorbet cannabis strain is perfect for daytime and evening usage.

Type of High

Pineapple Sorbet cannabis strain’s high is as irresistible as its boutique. With a lucid yet stimulating overtone, this hybrid offers a subtly relaxing physical aspect as well that is ideal for everyday usage.


Breeder: Aficionado French Connection
Lineage: Pineapple Sorbet cannabis strain is a cross between Pineapple Thai x In The Pines F3} x {Zkittlez x Magnum Opus F11} cannabis strains

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