Burmese God 14g GASCAN by: GASTOWN (BULK DISCOUNT/ $149oz)


God Bud is a widely popular indica dominant hybrid, born and bred in beautiful British Columbia – this strain holds its genetic lineage from Hawaiian and Purple Skunk strains. God Bud is known for providing the user with a strong feeling of euphoria and creative energy, while also sedating the user into a somewhat overwhelming sense of laziness. The cerebral stimulation given by God Bud can create an almost hallucinogenic high that will melt away stress, anxiety and depression within minutes. It’s flavorful parent genetics make God Bud one tasty strain! Its potent, tropical and fruity flavors are tasted almost instantly, while undertones of berry, lavender and pine linger on the tongue. God Bud is widely used to treat depression, anxiety, stress and mild to moderate pain.


Burmese Kush is a 50:50 indica/sativa mix that holds some genetic heritage from the classic OG Kush strain. Burmese Kush has a fresh aroma – similar to fresh, woody, pine trees with sweet undertones. This strain provides a calm, sedating high that will ease sore, tired muscles and relax the mind. Burmese Kush slowly creeps up on the user, producing waves of positive energy, that seem to last for hours on end. As the effects of this strain take full effect – some users may find themselves reaching for their favorite snacks as they drift into a peaceful state of sleep. Burmese Kush has been used to treat insomnia, lack of appetite, depression and anxiety.

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