When you cross the two strains, Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon, the result is an intense and tasty hybrid known as Oreoz. Users report experiencing a cerebral rush leading to euphoria, accompanied by a heavy body relaxation that can induce couch-lock in higher doses. In moderation, they say it offers a blissful body stone without complete incapacitation, making it ideal for evening relaxation or creative endeavors. Some reviewers described using Oreoz for managing symptoms of anxiety, chronic stress, depression, and gastrointestinal disorders, suggesting a multifaceted approach for those with more than one of these conditions.

Oreoz tantalizes the senses with a complex profile, blending earthy and gassy notes with a creamy undertone reminiscent of chocolate pudding. Its aroma is further enriched by hints of pungent diesel, spicy chocolate, and a nutty finish. Breaking apart the buds releases an earthy and gassy aroma, complemented by a citrus and herbal essence that can be detected when ground. When smoked or vaped, it unveils a creamy chocolate flavor that evolves in a slow dance towards a sweet, earthy finish.

Oreoz boasts visually striking buds, dense and lumpy in structure, cloaked in opposing bright and dark shades green, with deep amber hairs. Its beauty is further amplified by a generous coating of crystal trichomes that glisten with honey like drops of sweet resin. Shades of purple and green are visible underneath its trichome layer, along with patches of amber pistils that add to its beauty. Growing Oreoz is best done indoors, with a flowering time of 65 days.

Oreoz received high marks from those looking for a long-lasting hybrid that produces potent Sativa and Indica effects, with THC levels can reach over 30%. Overall we see this strain averaging in the 25 to 30% range, still well in range of those who prefer higher THC strains.

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