Thrasher PE psilocybin mushrooms are a strain that’s hot off the presses. In fact, they’re so new that there’s not much history to speak of. What we know is that Thrasher PE shrooms originated from a professional magic mushroom mycologist. While experimenting with the Melmac PE strain, this grower produced a variant with all the right qualities. Thus, the Thrasher PE strain was born. Only recently, we could get our hands on this marvelous strain.

These mushrooms tower over others with thick, dense, and surprisingly wide stems. Every stem lacks color and looks white as a sheet until you reach the cap. But Thrasher PE caps don’t have much color, either. They look washed out and may even have a gray spot on the very top. One bit of color you may see on your Thrasher PE magic mushrooms is a bluish-greenish tint.

With Thrasher PE, you will have to leave your body at the door. Once you come up, you’re in for a wild ride of intense closed-eye visuals and deep emotional introspection. As you fall deeper into the rabbit hole, you’ll likely feel a oneness with the universe. Having ego dissolution is incredibly easy with this strain. The intensity of Thrasher PE doesn’t leave you with a lot of energy to be out and about. We can say that as long as you’re in one place, then you may have an excellent and profound experience

  • 0.2-0.5G (Very Low Dose) Subtle Increase of Energy and Creativity. No Loss of Control or Visuals
  • 0.5-1G (Low Dosage)  Featherlight feeling, Floating on Clouds
  • 1G-2G Psychedelic Experience, lots of laughter, lots of conversations, a body high, and good vibes
  • 2G-3G Classic Psychedelic Trip. Your perception changes, you’ll feel, and think differently. The trip may be a whirlwind
  • 3G-4G Extreme Trip. The Intense high and trip, you may connect with the universe

The above recommendations could vary for each person. We recommend starting with a low dosage!

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